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Mr. and Mrs. Payton
Manassas Park, VA

Our son Amar, age 10, has been taking lessons with Alan for almost four years now. Alan's knowledgeable skills in guitar instruction has helped our son to rapidly progress in his ability to play both electric and acoustic guitar. Alan not only challenges our son but encourages him to learn to play the kind of music he enjoys. We are thankful for Alan's patience with our son, and his personable way of instructing children. Our son loves taking lessons from Alan Webb and can't wait to go to his lesson each week! We hope to continue guitar lessons with Alan for many years to come.
                                                                                            November 2010

Bull Run Observer
Local Guitar Teacher Tunes Up

Alan Webb, owner of The Guitar Studio, said he believes that teaching a person the fundamentals of playing an instrument helps enhance other aspects of life such as academic achievement and personal development. "Playing the guitar is a tough way to make a living, but learning to play an instrument and read music enhances learning in other areas and develops self confidence" Webb said.
Webb, a self-proclaimed late starter in the music world, decided to play music when he was in high school. He joined the band and played baritone trumpet, simply because he loved music.
Then, when his family moved to England where his father was transferred, Webb was introduced to the guitar. The connection was immediate. He started playing the guitar and electric bass and never looked back. He furthered his interest in music by attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., from which he graduated in 1988. He was awarded a music degree in Instrumental Performance. After college, Webb moved to Manassas and taught music in local area schools until he decided to open his studio in 1990 and teach private lessons.
"I want lessons to be fun, but also want my students to learn to read music and understand theory." Webb said. His students range in age from 6 to 60 and from beginner to the advanced. Some students come for a short time, but most have been practicing with Webb for several years. Longtime students and friend, Justin Baird has been practicing with Webb since he Baird was 6. Baird plays in a local church band in Manassas.
Webb teaches guitar and electric bass-covering the spectrum of music genres from jazz to country to pop and rock. Annually in December, his students participate in a recital to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year and to visualize their progress. "The recital is a little something for everyone. Each student plays a piece of two- it's a very enjoyable evening." Webb said.
Typically, his students want to have one-on-one instruction in guitar when they look into lessons, Webb said. However, he routinely meets with students and parents to determine if the guitar is the best instrument to suit a particular person based on interest, level of commitment and talent.
Webb explained the guitar is a versatile instrument because it can be played solo or in a group, electric or acoustic, entertain a single person or an entire concert hall, plus it can be played and taken anywhere a person goes.
Webb enjoys teaching music, but also plays guitar for events and private functions. His resume is impressive: he even taught guitar to Neil Young's cousins and Webb has performed at the White House. Throughout the years, he played many local venues. He will play any style of music, but jazz is his personal favorite. His greatest joy and challenge is playing solo guitar, which he does in his spare time. In addition, Webb is a yoga enthusiast. Lessons are generally half hour sessions and by appointment Monday to Thursday from 2:30 - 9:00 pm. The Guitar Studio, at 8800 Sudley Road in Manassas, can be reached at 703-369-PLAY (7529) or visit

By Cindy Young - Observer Staff
September 3, 2010

Former Student Chris M. Zangara

Hi Alan!

Wonder if you may remember me. I was a student of yours in Manassas when I was 8 years old for a year. You took over for Gary at Music & Arts Center. Then again at 21 years old for another few months. When, after 13 years, I called you for new lessons, you immediately remembered that I played a nylon classical during my lessons when I was a kid.

I remember so much. First, you taught me how to play lead guitar by playing within the chord(s) and key(s). I actually still have some of your notes (homework) you gave me back then. Stormy Monday Blues being one...

You used to make jokes about getting the "kinks" out. Remember? You taught me some great picking exercises from Mateo Carcassi that I still play today from memory because I love those pieces so much. (I remember you used to keep telling me I didn't have to play them so fast, but I was so nervous I couldn't help it!)

Well here I am at 40 years old. I was feeling nostalgic and typed in your name on Google, hoping you were still teaching. I'm glad you have a website. Excellent. I've been through a hell of a lot since leaving Virginia in 1993. I've played in Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills, CA. And I now live in Tucson, AZ. I've got a bit of a following but that doesn't matter much. I just always wanted to say thank you for igniting the spark that led me to keep up with the guitar.

I've been through some amazing hard times since leaving VA. layoffs and travel. Psoriatic Arthritis almost killed my playing music which led to depression but I'm much better now. I'm reliving my youth so to speak. Also,I can actually say I have lived the life of a starving musician for almost about 3 months. Was homeless with a guitar strapped to my back. I must say I remember that time very fondly. It was cool!

My claim to fame? Not too bad...I've been the top rated volunteer "expert" on in the category of Led Zeppelin for the past 10 years and am an extensive collector.. I've met John Paul Jones. Am still working on Plant., And Jimmy Page knows my name. One of my articles was included in the "forward" of a tribute book on Jimmy Page. When Page received the book he commented on how much he enjoyed the beginning of the book. That was me! It's was a personal project between me and a woman from the UK who put the book together from over 800 letters across the globe from kids to adults on how much they love Jimmy. It was a tribute to him. For him. Not sure if it will be published. Don't care.

Anyway. I watched your youtube video and STILL don't know how you use your pinky so well. I still cannot. Hope you are well. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I am actually in school now, at 40, studying guitar instruction. I'm on my 3rd semester. I want desperately to be a guitar teacher. It's never to late I hope. Sincerely, Chris M. Zangara.

Terre Boepple
Manassas, VA

Alan Webb has been an excellent guitar teacher to my teenage son for the last three years. Alan is very talented and extremely patient.
He relates well and encourages his students to grow into their potential.

                                                                                                 October 2010

Steve Bronson
Warrenton, VA

I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed studying with you this past year and a half. You have taught me so very much in that time. I am so thankful that you never water down the real study of music even though you help me play through my favorite songs. I really enjoy your wide and varied know ledge of music styles from rock to the blues to country and even bluegrass. Even when I have not studied very hard, I always learn something new every week. Your patience and gentle humor make the time fly by. I have worked with several teachers over the years, but you are by far the best I have found. You have the experience to charge twice your current rates and it would still be a bargain, yet your rates are as low as anyone around. Thanks for helping me really begin to learn how to play guitar, not just strum a few popular songs.
                                                                                            May 2012